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Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

In our time together, we’ll work to identify your most important goals. We will then develop a personalized plan to achieve them in a way that recognizes your unique strengths and gifts.  I’m confident you’ll find our time together beneficial and inspirational. Call or email now to schedule your complimentary initial phone consultation.

Individual therapy

Individual Therapy Services

as a caregiver, you may experience any combination of several types of trauma. i am here to support you through them all.

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Recent Trauma

EMDR is an ideal treatment for recent trauma, initiating healing before trauma is fully stored. Whether the trauma occurs in your personal or professional life, emdr will help you move forward.

New Growth

Developmental Trauma

compassionate and dedicated caregivers are sometimes those who have transformed their own unmet childhood needs into a gift to the world. by healing those childhood wounds, the important work becomes sustainable.

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Vicarious Trauma

the compassionate heart that brought you to this work is also vulnerable to the pain that it can bring. healing vicarious trauma prevents burnout, increases happiness, and makes your work more powerful.

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